Don’t judge a book by its colour
ISBN 978-0-9575772-2-0 | limited edition | 44 pages | Size: 120 x175mm |
First hardback edition 2016 in the United Kingdom | Printed and bound in Taiwan

When English phrases are not just written language, but a series of bizarre sculptures and objects, they transform meaning into something new and enjoyable for all.

I have chosen 16 commonly used English phrases and sayings, these are represented in three- dimensional form and accompanied with a series of short love stories.

These stories are for everyone who is in love or hopes to be one day, whether it’s a steady marriage, long term relationship, a tinder one-night stand or unrequited love. No matter what situation you are in, there is something you can relate to.

We create new phrases in English everyday. This book focuses on some of the most timeless expressions that the English language has to offer; that perfectly describe the many different faces of loving relationships.

Let’s celebrate love and the English language.

Copyright © 2016 Jill HC Tsai. All rights reserved.