Austin’s Neighbours
36 page full colour illustrated graphic novel | hardback cover | 2013

“ Austin is a little boy, he is the kind of kid that always tells the bloody truth.
His neighbourhood is alive with immigrants of differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds and that is one of the reasons he loves London. Now Austin is going to introduce his strange and curious neighbours with a light and witty, rhyming dialogue and there are always funny stories. ”
In an adults world, we are too worried about being politically correct, often worried that people could perceive the things we say as racist, homophobic or nationalist... but Austin is too young to live in that world, he talks about the things he see’s and what he thinks, how bad can it be, after all he only tells the truth.
So I invite you to see the world through Austins eyes. ”

Copyright © 2013 Jill HC Tsai. All rights reserved.
First hardback edition 2013 in the United Kingdom. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN
: 978-0-9575772-0-6