Jill H C Tsai

tel: 0208 670 2456 / 07411 964 102
email: jill@cappatea.co.uk
73 Great Brownings Dulwich London SE21 7HR UK

Jill is a Taiwanese artist; based in London where she lives and works! she is also the Design Queen of "Cappatea Culture Design" where she rules her own design kingdom in her creative world.

Jill loves art, fashion, modern design and being creative! Being a Conceptual artist & designer; Jill loves to offer her varied artistic ideas to create unique visual experiences.

2014 our art studio: Lab Cubic is finally in shape. please come visit us at www.LAB-cubic.com and please join our Facebook fan page here LAB-cubic art studio. we offering the unique artworks are available in signed, numbered limited editions.

2016 she has an even more exciting graphic novel: Dont judge a book by its colour:

" When English phrases are not just written language, but a series of bizarre sculptures and objects, they transform meaning into something new and enjoyable for all.

I have chosen 16 commonly used English phrases and sayings, these are represented in three- dimensional form and accompanied with a series of short love stories.

These stories are for everyone who is in love or hopes to be one day, whether it’s a steady marriage, long term relationship, a tinder one-night stand or unrequited love. No matter what situation you are in, there is something you can relate to."

Hope you enjoy it as much as Jill who enjoyed making it!

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact Jill : )

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《Creative Britain》 創意英國 英國前文化部長給年輕人的15場演講 ISBN:957-29825-4-0
作者: 克里斯.史密斯(Chris Smith) 攝影: Jill Tsai, 桂雅文, 李俊明 出版社:五觀藝術